Gender equality

Gender equality

Gender Equality undermines our social fabric and ethics. With a commitment to the fundamental principles of human dignity and equality, developmental strategies with a neutral approach toward gender sensitivity are followed at our place, with opportunities solely based on an individual's capability, free from unfair gender discrimination.

Woman Empowerment

Facilitate women's right to participate in leadership and decision making at all professional and economical levels.

Believe in a Fair treatment policy to give women equal seat quotas and job opportunities.

Work in making women capable of taking the stand, building their careers, and educating their families in a better way.

We stand against suppressing women rights socially, economically and politically, eliminating all forms of violence against women in public and private spheres.

Promoting good wellbeing

We ensure universal access to reproductive health and rights for women. We support married women by oering daycare facilities to concentrate on pursuing their dreams.